Beginner’s Guide to Essential Music Recording

Do you want to start recording your own music and have no idea on how start, the equipment you need, whether it’s going to be expensive or not, then do not worry anymore, this article here is for you, it will guide you as a beginner, you’ll get all the ideas that you need to get your music recording to get to go.

Computers  – you need to determine the type of computer you’ll be recording your music on because this computer is considered as the central hub of your studio; it should be recording everything and also should be in a passion to process everything out. Now you’ll have to determine the type that you need, whether it’s Mac or PC.


Laptop vs. desktop – It’s advisable that you use a laptop because a laptop allows you to be mobile, you will be tied to one place, you can roam around secluded and quiet places to record and mix your music wherever you want with your laptop unlike the desktop that will only tie you one place.

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Headphones – you should always have a pair of studio headphones, one is for recording and monitoring purposes since a singer might want to hear the recording during the performance and this is only possible by a headphone.A good pair of studio headphones is ideal for two things. The headphones are also used to monitor the audio while mixing your tracks, though it is always advisable to listen to your mixes through different varieties of outlets.


Microphones – it is always nice to purchase the right microphone for your recording setup, there are variety of microphones to purchase and every engineer has his own taste and preference, but as a beginner, it is advisable that you choose the small or large diaphragms and also the dynamic microphones, these types of microphones are the best for recording vocals, you have to note that investing in a great microphone can do marvelous things for your recording.There it is, I hope this article provides you with the starting point for recording audio.